New quality of B2B meetings in the promotional products market.


Conversations in a private space. New offer from suppliers. Relationship building.


The event is dedicated only to advertising agencies (registration is required).

Promo Show Professional

PSP is a meeting of TOP SUPPLIERS with representatives of TOP AGENCIES (Polish and foreign) and it is a reply for needs of the promotional articles market. PSP builds a new quality of meetings in a suitable scenery. The originator of the event is the group of TOP SUPPLIERS of promotional products.

Products presentation will be held in the comfortable area of Novotel Warszawa Centrum Hotel – the agencies will meet the suppliers in an private atmosphere with a chill-out zone. The culmination of the event will be the evening show for the Suppliers and Agency in one of the Warsaw clubs.

Everything for the building relations and develop the business, and therefore the entire industry of promotional items!

Registration or invitation is required.

We invite you in the following hours:
Wednesday, 7 february from 9:00 to 18:00
Thursday, 8 february from 9:00 to 18:00


  • The decision of participation in the Promo Show Professional was not taken spontaneously. Together with the other companies we have analyzed various aspects of this new idea and we decided to implement this project. Promo Show Professional offers to customers a completely different comfort of meeting and business talks. This is all new concept in our industry. We focus on novelty, the highest quality of customer service and a very friendly atmosphere – it is very important for us. Meetings should be provided without the hurry, in a convenient conditions. Therefore, for customers will be prepared catering and other convenience. We are looking forward to the first edition of PSP 2018.

    Paweł Gołajewski
    Chairman Falk&Ross
  • We decided to share and present our offer during the PSP 2018, because it is a completely different, more interesting concept. Strong point of this event is a professional meeting of the leading suppliers with the key advertising agencies, organized in a comfortable business conversation atmosphere. The biggest advantage of the PSP is transferring attention to the customer. OOH magazine, coordinator of the event, offers a wide range of improvements, including delivery of exhibitors’ catalogs, samplings of the promotionals products, catering –accommodation and a relaxing evening with suppliers. Some years ago Senator Polska (Friends has origins in Senator) started a series of building relationships meetings with advertising agencies under the name of 3S (Senatorski Survival Training). We are continuing the tradition, other companies in the industry also followed this idea.
    Common experience gives us the conviction that precisely targeted audience and an interesting concept will be productive for the suppliers, and the formula will be appreciated by the customers and will determine the new quality of B2B meetings in the promotional product market. Another positive factor is the cost of organizing those kind of events. Compared to large trade fairs, it is possible to create a more interesting proposal with less financial effort. PSP is not obviously the competitor for these events. It’s a completely different, new formula of meetings.

    Maja Pietkiewicz
    Member of the Board, Friends
  • MOB as a leading supplier of promotional items and business gifts is always open to new initiatives and opportunities to meet with the customers. We were happy to hear about an organization of a new advertising event on promotional products market. The opportunity to meet our customers in a more private atmosphere is a chance to build even closer relationships and better respond to our customers needs. Less anonymous and at the same time longer meetings in the business atmosphere of PSP will surely strengthen MOB’s position in the promotional products market as a company completely fulfilling customers expectations and open to suggestions of improving the quality of our business in every respect.

    Paweł Dąbrowski
    Country Manager, Mid Ocean Brands
  • Decision about taking part in the new event that is PSP 2018 we made without a second thought. Why? Happy Gifts Europe together with its brands has a well-established position on the Polish market. I mean here mainly the distribution area or the number of advertising agencies which we cooperate with. Our main goal is not to attract new customers, because our strategy focusing rather the right “using” of the strength and potential of our present customers. We focus on relationships and their quality. Unfortunately, traditional large-scale trade fair don’t allow it anymore. The enormous number of exhibitors, difficulties with handling conversations, distraction and variety of visitors have negative impact on the comfort of working. Relationships are important, but what is crucial – the quality of those relationships and the way we build them. PSP 2018 gives us the ability to effectively implement our strategy. PSP is a a selected group of exhibitors who represent key categories of promotional gifts (from the agency’s point of view), well-planned exhibition space, visitors who are the leading advertising agencies on the Polish market. All this makes the PSP 2018 gives a chance for professional contact with the customer, and what is important – substantial contact – not limited to collecting hundreds of business cards potential customers who on the next day no longer remember that they visited our stand. This is not what we want, and for this reason we give up “typical” fair events.

    Tomasz Przewoźnik
    Sales&Marketing Director, Happy Gifts Europe
  • Toppoint puts focus on quality in every aspect of its business. We take care of every step of creation and production our items. In case of promoting, the participation in PSP 2018 is the only right choice. This event associate all the major suppliers of promotional products, and the event coordinator is the OOH magazine, which allows to expect the organization to the highest level. Toppoint is still new on the Polish market, so the opportunity to meet with the most active advertising agencies on the market is very important for us. We believe that our collection, its quality and unmatched design will be a strong point of this event.

    Paweł Palak
    Country Sales Manager, Toppoint
  • Texet Poland celebrates this year its 10th anniversary on the Polish market. This anniversary is not only a reason to celebrate, but also a perfect moment to summarize our activities on the market. Distribution of promotional textiles and products is a constant work with our agencies. Due to our the strategy, we spent the first years of our business on building the distribution and the promotion of the brands: Harvest, Printer, Sagaform as a premium products and on the positioning of Texet Poland among the trusted suppliers. Clients trust us not only through the evaluating our catalogs, products, services and promotions that support their activities in the final customer market, but also through the daily contacts with our representatives. Individual contact is always the most important in B2B sales. After many years we asked ourselves: “What is the most important thing for us?” and “how to appreciate the most trusted customers who have given us their time and energy?”. There is no simple answer, but one thing is sure – we have to do everything for our clients who have been with us for years and helping selling our brands. On the B2B market we have several events in the year where it is worthwhile to be. At the stage where we are today the question is if would be better to put our energy somewhere where we can give our customers a completely different level of meeting the suppliers? The new formula is emerging and I believe it will be a new quality in the B2B market. PSP 2018 see you soon!

    Tomasz Barudin
    Managing Director, Texet Poland
  • We decided to participate in Promo Show Professional, because we were interested in its formula, focusing only on the advertising professionals. We hope that the elitist character of the event will allow for private meetings with key customer in comfortable conditions. Apart from that, the undoubted strength of the event that convinced us to participate in it is gather in one place all the largest suppliers of advertising products in the country. We looking forward to successfull meetings.

    Iwona Pycyk
    Marketing Manager, Macma Polska
  • PSP is a new project on the promotional articles market. To be honest, there was no need to persuade us to participate, because we liked the idea immediately. We know the quality of the event coordinator – OOH magazine, primarily from the annual Marketing Festival. We deeply believe in success of the PSP, where the talks between the supplier and the representatives of advertising agencies will be held in an intimate and privacy, far from the “market of the hustle and bustle”. It gives the right direction for business and raise the prestige. I am sure that new formula of the contact with the customer will be positively received and will result in profitable long-term effective cooperation.

    Jacek Kozłowski
    Managing Director Guapa Produkcja

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Each registration will be confirmed by the organizer.

Online registration is open until January 31, 2018. There is no possibility of registration during the event.

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The car park is located on the corner of Nowogrodzka and Parkingowa streets at the back of the Novotel. The fee for parking on your own.

Event coordinator

OOH magazine Sp. z o.o.

Contact for Polish agencies

Monika Opałka
+48 515 077 605

Contact for foreign agencies

Magdalena Wilczak
+48 884 077 607